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Unlocking £2m in value by switching off Pure Brand PPC

18 Nov 2021


Our client was spending money bidding on their brand name in Google, accounting for c.5% of their performance marketing budget. There was no understanding whether this was revenue they would have made without paying for it through SEO anyway.


Five markets across Europe were tested, by using industry leading statistical techniques we were able to show that Pure Brand bidding was not incremental and no revenue was lost by switching it off. SEO was picking up effectively all revenue that was previously coming from Pure Brand. These experiments built confidence with the rest of the markets and were able to switch off globally and release the £2m, with an ongoing monitoring tool built to provide an early read of any potential risk.


We analysed historical data and conducted a number of tests across multiple markets to determine whether advertising on the client’s brand name on Google was incremental. By using an industry-leading methodology we were able to convince sceptical marketing teams of the commercial benefit.


Marketing cost saving: +£2m % of PPC budget saved: 5%

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