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Helping a fashion retailer to use Google Shopping to drive margins and lower product return rate

6 Jul 2022


Google Shopping was fast becoming our client’s biggest channel, expected to reach c.20% of revenue in-year. They were optimising the channel to revenue, but not considering what the profitability of the channel was.


Zebra worked with our client’s ecommerce and data engineering teams to implement profit based bidding. This required work on their data feeds into Google and as well as building a new bidding model for Google Shopping. Using our test and learn approach we monitored the results of the new changes to ensure expected impact.


We proved that by incorporating profit and returns into their bidding optimisation strategy, the client could influence both metrics. The end outcome was worth over £4m in potential value.


Revenue benefit: +£4.4m Margin improvement: +3.2ppt Product returns rate: -23%

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