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Unlocking £5.8m revenue for a global fashion retailer through customer analytics

13 Nov 2023


A leading global fashion retailer had an immature digital commerce capability. So when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, closing their 200+ stores, they needed support in capturing the huge digital demand in the marketplace, whilst building capability for the future.


We identified that the business was operating at a very macro level with a one-size fits all approach to products, promotions and customers. They needed a more tailored approach to their commercial activity to help them unlock significant value.

By creating a comprehensive plan to understand their user experience and customer analytics, we could build tailored offers to meet their customers' needs. For example, we identified their highest value customers, who were then awarded VIP status with early access to exclusive product ranges.

Working alongside their team, the implementation of an optimised pricing strategy meant they could support multiple, tailored offers, such as only offering sale campaigns to the most price-sensitive customers.

To drive incremental demand, we re-deployed their redundant retail marketing budget, optimising for profit, rather than revenue. This also meant a fundamental change in their organisational structure, utilising the in-house digital talent which was supported by capability framework designed for retention.


  • Developed a sophisticated pricing and promotion strategy
  • Tackled an underperforming UX and built a new digital offering for VIP customers
  • Established a new, analytics-led approach to digital marketing
  • New digital team recruited and embedded, along with an enhanced ability to attract and retain skilled staff


The client achieved E-commerce post marketing contribution +5%, 3.3% increase in campaign Gross Margin and a directly attributable revenue increase of £5.8 million within twelve months.

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