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Driving revenue growth: how we used multi-lever optimisation for a student property firm

29 Feb 2024


When our client first approached us, they needed help with an increasingly urgent situation. Their biggest market was significantly dragging down their estate performance.

They naturally wanted to get this market back on track, and turned to us for support.


We identified opportunities to increase their sales through various levers including:

  • Increasing Google Ad spend to drive targeted demand
  • Adjusting digital merchandising to funnel demand for key sites
  • Simplifying room categories to boost user experience
  • Using demand signals to optimise pricing

This approach, alongside a redesign of trading reports, formed a powerful blueprint for future optimisation. We didn’t stop there. Not only did we support the client in hiring a team to help on an ongoing basis, but we also took the time to coach the team to ensure they were more than up to the task.


Once our solution was executed, the client saw a marked improvement in three core areas:

  1. Effective demand capture – Our bespoke returns model aligned investment to the offline conversion value, which resulted in 1.5x marketing returns
  2. Digital merchandising – Dynamic search results were used to funnel demand to city-based accommodation, which gave flagging sites a 14% demand increase
  3. Dynamic pricing – A flexible dynamic pricing model was leveraged to maximise value, which boosted revenue by 7% in the first year of use


Thanks to our tailored methodology, we helped incremental revenue increased by 10% in just 12 months.

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